About Us

Cedar was founded in 2014, in Melbourne, Australia.


Head Dietitian
Before joining the Cedar Health team, Megan has worked across a variety of health settings in the hospital, aged care, private practice and sports nutrition fields. She has gathered extensive knowledge in a number of areas including gastrointestinal health, weight management, aged care nutrition, chronic disease management and promoting general health and wellbeing. She has a passion for promoting simple, sustainable changes and the mantra that food should fuel and nourish you, complement your lifestyle, and most importantly, not rule you.
Known Weaknesses: cheese platters, espresso martinis


Head Physiotherapist
A traveller at heart, Chris also happens to be a physiotherapist. He completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree with Honours at the University of Ottawa and a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Melbourne. He has worked mainly in private practice and sports settings, treating and helping people across a wide range of ages and abilities to achieve their potential. Chris believes strongly in education and technology to empower clients to prevent and manage their own injuries, pain and chronic disease.
Known Weaknesses: daytime tv movies, free giveaways, chocolate


Co-Founder and CFO
Prior to co-founding Cedar, James completed a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours at the University of Melbourne and worked for several years in corporate finance and equity markets. Health has always been a focus for James and he believes that all Australians should have access to good fitness and nutrition information, regardless of their age or location.
Known Weaknesses: corn chips, NBA playoffs, bronuts


Co-Founder and CEO
Cedar is the latest stop in a varied career journey, starting with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, followed by stints in management consulting, data analytics, software development, various entrepreneurial ventures, and lecturing at his alma mater. Mark is passionate about fitness, technology, and building useful products that bring about positive change.
Known Weaknesses: twisties, eclipse mints

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