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Ways to reduce pain, improve physical function, and avoid surgery


Increase physical activity, and perform muscle strengthening exercises

Research shows that appropriate exercise can provide similar benefits in pain reduction and improved physical function as analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, with fewer side effects.1


Maintain a healthy weight

Did you know that each extra kilo of body weight can translate to 4kg of additional load through your joints? 2

Studies have found that weight loss of just 10% can reduce pain by up to 50% in overweight sufferers of knee osteoarthritis.3

Our 12-week program promotes joint health, better mobility, and reduced pain.

Evidence Based

Developed by our team of practicing physiotherapists and dietitians, Cedar is grounded in leading academic research on osteoarthritis.

Designed for you

Each program is highly personalised based on your responses to our comprehensive survey, considering the nature of your osteoarthritis, any other painful joints, special diets, allergies or other conditions you may have.

Engaging and accessible

Delivered via web and smartphone platforms, to make it easy to keep on track and stay motivated, with weekly targets, reminders, and tools to track progress towards your goals.

Personalised workout and cardio program to help you manage joint pain

Developed with OA in mind

Workouts are low impact, featuring a personalised selection of strength, balance, and flexibility exercises, designed to strengthen muscles and improve joint function.

Accessible and convenient

Our efficient muscle-strengthening workouts can be performed comfortably at home, and do not require expensive equipment or a gym membership.

Personalised cardio

Improve your physical activity levels with a personalised cardio progression that increases in difficulty each week. Choose your favourite activity from walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or cross-trainer!

Lose weight without missing out on nutrients vital for joint health.

Developed by experts

Our nutrition program is developed by qualified practicing Dietitians, and incorporates the latest in peer-reviewed academic research.

Developed with OA in mind

Personalised to fit your unique nutritional profile, built using our comprehensive survey, for healthy and sustainable weight loss.

All meal plans incorporate adequate levels of the nutrients critical for joint and physical health (such as calcium, vitamins A, C & E, iron, omega3, and protein).

Convenience as a priority

Recipes and meal plans are easy to follow and incorporate healthy, affordable ingredients.

Our nutrition program is practical and sustainable, and is not based on any confusing or inappropriate fad diets.

Other Benefits

Weekly targets

Challenge yourself each week to hit activity targets, tailored to your ability.

Track your progress

Tools to track your weight and physical activity over time, to see your progress towards achieving your goals.


Never forget a workout with helpful reminders and tips delivered regularly via email and SMS.

New content each week

Our huge library of workouts and recipes means you'll receive new content each week.

No equipment required

Our efficient workouts do not require expensive equipment or a gym membership.

Qualified support

Access to our expert team of physiotherapists and dietitians to answer questions about your program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cedar personalised for me?

Personalisation is fundamental to Cedar, not just an afterthought. No two meal plans or workouts we prepare are the same.

Using your answers to our comprehensive signup questionnaire, your fitness program considers your confidence and ability, existing pain or discomfort, major health concerns, and mobility issues.

Our nutrition program is personalised for your nutritional requirements, accommodating a range of special diets, allergies, and intolerances.

What do I receive as a subscriber?

Each week, we'll provide you with:

  • A personalised osteoarthritis workout, including 6 detailed instructional videos to assist you with your exercise form.
  • Two personalised daily meal plans, featuring two main-meal recipes based on your nutritional requirements.
  • A personalised cardio progression featuring your choice of activity
  • Regular nutrition and fitness tips to keep you motivated.
  • Access to our team of experts to answer questions about your program.

Do I have to check with a qualified medical professional before commencing and continuing a program with Cedar?

Yes. All subscribers must seek guidance from an appropriately qualified medical or allied health professional to ensure that their current health status is appropriate for commencing a program with Cedar. We encourage you to discuss your health needs with your GP or health provider on an ongoing basis, on an ongoing basis, so you can get the most out of your Cedar program.

How long is a subscription?

We offer a 12 week subscription, which can be paid monthly or in full up-front (for a discount). At the conclusion of the program, you will still have full access to all the personalised workouts, meal plans, and recipes you received during your subscription.

Ready to make your move?

Talk to our friendly team on 1800 232 770.

Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness regime.